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The best Fortified Rice Kernels (FRK) for rice mill owners

Qoot is an innovative food brand on fortified rice kernels with The best ingredients for rice mill owners who want to produce healthier rice for their customers and to supply to State / Central Government for various child & public  welfare Schemes

Largest fortified rice kernel (FRK) plant in Rajasthan

Among the largest plants in north India

Fully automatic production and packaging

Annual production capacity of 8000 metric tons

ISO 22000 FSMS certified

Delivery in 7 Days from confirmed booking.

Fighting malnutrition,

one rice plate at a time

Healthy Rice for a

Healthy India!

Fortified rice kernels with essential nutrients, including Iron, folic acid and B- 12 Vitamin.

We produce the most delicious, nutritious, and affordable fortified rice kernels with all the necessary nutrients for rice mill owners at the most competitive prices in the industry.

Know what is

Rice Fortification

Rice fortification aims to resolve micro-nutrient deficiency in countries where rice is a staple food.

It involves adding minerals and vitamins to the rice after it is harvested.

World Health Organization (WHO) defines rice fortification as a strategy to improve iron and vitamin levels in marginalized populations.

Why do we need it

in India!

India is one of the countries with a high per capita rice consumption. Many of the nutrients from rice are lost when it is milled and polished.

Fortification ensures that those who depend on rice for their daily nutritional needs get enough vitamins and minerals. It is especially important for the poorer sections struggling with nutritional deficiencies.

Benefits of Fortified Rice

A meta-analysis by WHO concludes that rice fortification reduces the risk of iron deficiency by 35%

Reduces micro-nutrition deficiency.

 A cost-effective way to tackle malnutrition.

Fortified with Vit. B12, Iron and Folic Acid.

Tackles anaemia and boosts immunity.

Assured demand of 33.5 million tonnes.

Potential reach to 84 mllion children.

Government initiatives in the field

The government of India has mandated that by 2024, all mid-day meals facilitated by ICDS schemes will serve only fortified rice. This will address the vitamin and mineral deficiencies in school-going children.

The Qoot initiative

Qoot wishes to support the government of India in its initiative by accelerating the process and manufacturing high-quality fortified rice kernels.

These fortified rice kernels will then be supplied to rice millers who can supply them to the government distribution programs.

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Here is why Qoot fortified rice kernels are the best

FSSAI Certified & Manufactured based on the government of India guidelines

Rice kernels untouched by human hand and regularly tested to ensure it adheres to quality and nutrition standards.

Quantity of vitamins and minerals can be customized based on your requirements.

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